1. Harvard Education Press

    The Harvard Education Press publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education.

    New Releases

    Absent from School
    Understanding and Addressing Student Absenteeism

    Edited by Michael A. Gottfried and Ethan L. Hutt

    International Perspectives in Higher Education
    Balancing Access, Equity, and Cost

    Edited by Jason D. Delisle and Alex Usher

    Preparing Teachers to Educate Whole Students
    An International Comparative Study

    Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung

    Creating Safe, Equitable, Engaging Schools
    A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting Students

    Edited by David Osher, Deborah Moroney, and Sandra Williamson

    Educational Inequality and School Finance
    Why Money Matters for America's Students

    Bruce D. Baker

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  2. Harvard Educational Review

    The Harvard Educational Review is a generalist scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for innovative thinking and research in education.

    In the Winter 2018 Issue:

    The Quandary of Youth Participatory Action Research in School Settings
    A Framework for Reflecting on the Factors That Influence Purpose and Process
    Gretchen Brion-Meisels and Zanny Alter
    Racial (Mis)Match in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms
    Relational Interactions as a Racialized Mechanism
    Dan Battey, Luis A. Levya, Immanuel Williams, Victoria A. Belizario, Rachel Greco, and Roshni Shah
    Reconsidering College Student Employability
    A Cultural Analysis of Educator and Employer Conceptions of Workplace Skills
    Ross J. Benbow and Matthew T. Hora
    Beyond Magic Carrots
    Garden Pedagogies and the Rhetoric of Effects
    Kate Cairns
    Critical Canon Pedagogy
    Applying Disciplinary Inquiry to Cultivate Canonical Critical Consciousness
    Jeanne Dyches
    Between the Global and the Local
    Human Rights Discourse and Engagement in Two New York City High Schools
    S. Garnett Russell

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  3. HEL Archive

    The Harvard Education Letter was an award-winning bimonthly newsletter of research and practice in preK-12 education published from 1985 to 2015. The archives are maintained by Harvard Education Publishing Group.


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