District and charter school teachers train together to become principals in Connecticut.

Charters and Districts (Begin to) Collaborate

Common challenges drive joint efforts at a local level

The teachers gathered on a Thursday afternoon at the offices of Achievement First, a charter network based in New Haven, Conn., to take part in a seminar titled “Meeting Facilitation.” Clustered in groups, and balancing sandwiches and cupcakes on their laps (it was someone’s birthday), they discussed how to run a staff meeting when not all participants agree on an issue. Continue

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Tech Is Changing Teaching, Finally

Tech Is Changing Teaching, Finally

As the calls grow for integrating technology into the classroom in ever more impactful ways, it behooves us to look at what the teachers who are recognized in this regard—and for their teaching overall—are actually doing in the classroom. With technology so woven into life, and with so many teachers developing, exploring, learning, and instructing, using some form of technology—from smart boards to smart pens—an examination of these teachers’ experiences in adopting and integrating technology into their practices seems timely and needed. Continue

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