A hallway is transformed into a learning community at Hillel Academy in Tampa, Fla.

From “Cells and Bells” to Learning Communities

Renovating school facilities for student-centered learning

The United States has more than $2 trillion of net worth tied up in its school facilities, making it the country’s single largest educational investment. The average age of schools in most districts across the nation is between 30 and 50 years. On top of increasing routine maintenance expenses that total many hundreds of millions of dollars, more than $12 billion is spent annually to modernize, add to, or build new schools. Continue

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Eight Ways to Protect Student Data

Eight Ways to Protect Student Data

There’s a lot of data flying in and out of American classrooms these days. So-called “cloud-based” services help districts store and distribute student data less expensively, without having to acquire additional equipment (or devote facilities to housing it). Mobile apps give teachers engaging games and learning activities that kids can do in class or on the way home. Data integration services merge multiple databases into simple, easy-to-read “dashboards” that show how students, classes, or schools are doing. Continue

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