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To request permission to use materials from the Harvard Education Letter, please submit your request in writing. If you want to use the material in a publishing project, as a handout at a conference or workshop, or as a resource in professional development, please address the points listed below in drafting your request. For classroom use, please contact Copyright Clearance Center. There is a fee charged for use of HEPG material. We will not consider requests for posting HEPG material on open-access websites. Permission is given subject to the relevant portions of the general permissions policy of HEPG.

In your request, please include the following information:

Contact Information:
Contact Name:
Address 2:
email Address:

You must also include the following:

Complete Title:
Volume Number/Year of Publication:
Page Numbers:

Information about Intended Use

In a book or magazine:
Date of Publication:
Manuscript Length:
Distribution: US Distribution AND/OR World Distribution
Format (print/electronic):
Number of Copies/Circulation:

In conferences/workshops or as a handout in professional development:
Conference/Workshop Title:
Date of Conference/Workshop:
Format (print/electronic):
Number of Copies:

In an edited version or excerpt:
HEPG considers to be fair-use excerpts of less than 400 words totally. If you would like to use more extended excerpts or an edited version of HEPG material, you must include two documents with the request:

* A copy of the proposed edit/excerpts in the new document
* The original article highlighted to show the edit/excerpted section/s

This process takes longer for review so please allow at least six weeks for consideration.

Contact laura_clos@harvard.edu if you have any questions.