Commitment and Common Sense

Commitment and Common Sense Leading Education Reform in Massachusetts

David P. Driscoll
cloth, 256 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-117-4
Price: $60.00

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paper, 256 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-116-7
Price: $30.00

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Commitment and Common Sense tells the inside story of how Massachusetts became a national model for education. Twelve years after the passage of the state’s comprehensive education reform law in 1993, Bay State student scores rose to the top of “the nation’s report card” (the National Assessment of Educational Progress) in fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math—and have stayed there ever since.


In Commitment and Common Sense, Driscoll shares important insights into the fundamentals of Massachusetts’s success. It’s a must-read for those seeking education progress in the United States. — Rod Paige, US Secretary of Education, 2001–2005

Progress in our nation’s schools has never been more dependent on the quality of state leadership than it is today, in the era of ESSA. At the same time, our polarized politics has made thoughtful leadership in government a rare commodity. David Driscoll uses the story of his extraordinary career to affirm that, given high expectations set by leaders willing to stand up for those expectations, American students can achieve at the highest levels. — John White, state superintendent of education, Louisiana

Commitment and Common Sense guides readers along the Herculean path to thoughtful education reform. This is an essential primer for leaders looking to address the challenges of sustained success in teacher development and student learning. — Lillian M. Lowery, vice president for P–12 policy, research, and practice at The Education Trust, and former secretary of education, Delaware

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About the Author

David P. Driscoll is a former commissioner of education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, past president of the Council of Chief State School Officers, and a Fordham Institute board member.

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