Top Viewed Books

  1. Data Wise, Revised and Expanded Edition
    Edited by Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, and Richard J. Murnane
  2. Instructional Rounds in Education
    Elizabeth A. City, Richard F. Elmore, Sarah E. Fiarman, and Lee Teitel, foreword by Andrew Lachman
  3. Make Just One Change
    Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana, Foreword by Wendy D. Puriefoy
  4. Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century
    Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung
  5. The Behavior Code
    Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport, MD
Fall 2014 Catalog


Education and the Environment

Teaching History Then and Now: A Story of Stability and Change in Schools

Larry Cuban

Teaching History Then and Now explores the teaching of history in American high schools during the past half-century. Drawing on his early career experience as a high school teacher and his more recent work as a historian of US education policy and practice, Larry Cuban examines how determined reformers have and have not changed the teaching of history.