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  1. Ambitious Science Teaching
    Mark Windschitl, Jessica Thompson, and Melissa Braaten
  2. Beyond the Skills Gap
    Matthew T. Hora with Ross J. Benbow and Amanda K. Oleson
  3. Data Wise, Revised and Expanded Edition
    Edited by Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, and Richard J. Murnane
  4. Instructional Rounds in Education
    Elizabeth A. City, Richard F. Elmore, Sarah E. Fiarman, and Lee Teitel, foreword by Andrew Lachman
  5. The Behavior Code
    Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport, MD
Teachers College Record recently reviewed the Harvard Education Press title Resourceful Leadership by Elizabeth City. Erik Johnson, a Consultant and doctoral student from the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College, stated, “Resourceful Leadership succeeds in highlighting the issue of improving urban secondary school learning outcomes with existing resources for educational policy-makers, leaders, and front-line educators.”

Johnson outlines the book and explains that, “This comparative case study looks to identify practical strategies and techniques for school district managers, principals, and teachers while casting an eye toward all too common resource limitations. The text relates the down to earth story of two small urban high schools in their first year of operation within a larger secondary school. The latter institution saw its student population separated into four themed smaller schools. They share central facilities in a day school version of ‘house system’ student groupings adapted from the British colonial model. The book’s introduction, six numbered chapters, concluding chapter, and two appendices foremost ask the reader to consider the merits for intangible over tangible resource potentials for policy-makers, administrators, and facilitators.”

Read full-text review on Resourceful Leadership (subscriber only website)