1. Diverse reviews Toward Excellence with Equity

      November 05,2008

      Angela P. Dodson reviewed Ronald F. Ferguson’s new book from Harvard Education Press, Toward Excellence with Equity in the October 30, 2008 edition of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

      Dodson states, “In this book, which pulls together Ferguson’s essays investigating the root causes and possible solutions, he looks at masses of data on test scores, teacher training, perceptions, social trends and policies that affect what goes on inside schools and inside students’ heads. In explaining them, he does not seem to be skittish about delicate matters. On parental beliefs and norms or practices that may not encourage excellence, he says: ‘Inducing people to raise their children differently is not easy, but if we can successfully influence parents to do so within the context of a national movement for excellence with equity, I believe the impact on improving achievement levels and closing achievement gaps could be significant.’”

      Click here to read full text of Dodson’s review.

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