Harvard Educational Review
  1. Fall 2018

    In this Issue:
    Safe Routes to School?:
    Black Caribbean Youth Negotiating Police Surveillance in London and New York City
    Derron Wallace
    On Getting Stuck:
    Negotiating Stuck Places in and Beyond Gender and Sexual Diversity-Focused Educational Research
    Sara Staley
    New Teacher Socialization and the Testing Apparatus
    Sarah Byrne Bausell and Jocelyn A. Glazier
    Becoming an Insider and an Outsider in Post-Disaster Fukushima
    Kaoru Miyazawa
    The Hidden Curriculum of College Athletic Recruitment
    Kirsten Hextrum
    “Afghanistan is a silent bird. But I am an eagle”:
    An Arts-Based Investigation of Nation and Identity in Afghan Youth
    Heddy Lahmann

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  2. Black Caribbean Youth Negotiating Police Surveillance in London and New York City
    Derron Wallace
    In this article, Derron Wallace examines how Black Caribbean youth perceive and experience stop-and-frisk and stop-and-search practices in New York City and London, respectively, while on their way to and from public schools.  Continue
    1. Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline

      Edited by Sofía Bahena, North Cooc, Rachel Currie-Rubin, Paul Kuttner, and Monica Ng

      A trenchant and wide-ranging look at this alarming national trend, Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline is unsparing in its account of the problem while pointing in the direction of meaningful and much-needed reforms.

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      Education for a Multicultural Society

      Edited by Kolajo Paul Afolabi, Candice Bocala, Raygine C. DiAquoi, Julia M. Hayden, Irene A. Liefshitz, and Soojin Susan Oh

      In influential and often groundbreaking articles from the Harvard Educational Review, the volume surveys multicultural education’s founding arguments and principles, describes its subsequent evolution, and looks toward its future role and impact.

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      Humanizing Education
      Critical Alternatives to Reform

      Edited by Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Kristy S. Cooper, Sherry L. Deckman, Christina L. Dobbs, Chantal Francois, Thomas Nikundiwe, Carla Shalaby

      This collection of essays from the Harvard Educational Review offers historic examples of humanizing educational spaces, practices, and movements that embody a spirit of hope and change.

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    2. Most Viewed Articles

      1. Educational Gerrymandering?
        Race and Attendance Boundaries in a Demographically Changing Suburb
        by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley
      2. Immigration, Youth, and Education
        Editors’ Introduction
        by Soojin S. Oh and North Cooc
      3. Introduction
        Why Adolescent Literacy Matters Now
        by Jacy Ippolito, Jennifer L. Steele, and Jennifer F. Samson
      4. Symposium
        The History of Women in Education
        by Christine A. Woyshner, Bonnie Hao Kuo Tai
      5. Symposium: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy


      From Our Archive

      Drawing on Education:
      Using Drawings to Document Schooling and Support Change
      Walt Haney, Michael Russell, and Damian Bebell
      Extracurricular School Activities:
      The Good, the Bad, and the Nonlinear
      Herbert W. Marsh and Sabina Kleitman
      Diversity and Higher Education:
      Theory and Impact on Educational Outcomes
      Patricia Gurin, Eric L. Dey, Sylvia Hurtado, and Gerald Gurin
      Developing Imagination, Creativity, and Literacy through Collaborative Storymaking: A Way of Knowing:
      Nancy King
      Texts and Margins:
      Maxine Greene
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