Subscriber FAQ

What is changing?

After 30 years of publishing award-winning coverage on critical topics in education, Harvard Education Letter will cease publication in both print and online formats with the May/June 2015 issue. We announced this change in the print edition mailed on April 27 and online on May 18.

What will happen to the balance of my paid subscription?
We have carefully considered how to honor the remainder of your subscription. In the next few weeks, you will receive a personalized letter describing your balance and options available for reimbursement as an HEL subscriber.

What action do I need to take?
We ask that you reply with your preferred reimbursement option no later than June 30, 2015. The reply is postage-paid: the only action required is that you check off your selection and mail it.

I recently submitted a check for a Harvard Education Letter subscription. What happened to it?
Our office ceased processing checks in January 2015, although we continued to provide customers interested in placing a new or renewal order with complimentary copies. You were not charged for these issues and your check was not cashed. Your uncashed check will be returned to you in the coming weeks.

As a paid subscriber, can I still access the digital archives?
In recognition of your support, we are extending subscriber access to the Harvard Education Letter digital archives through June 2016. Subscribers will be able to log in using their existing customer numbers. Your customer number will be included in the personalized letter detailing your reimbursement options.

Are print copies of back issues available?
Print copies of certain issues are available. We will evaluate requests for copies on a case-by-case basis. Please email your request to

If I am not a paid subscriber, can I still access the digital archives?
You are welcome to access all of the original “online-only” articles—some of the most popular pieces on—for free through June 2016.

Are there other ways to access Harvard Education Letter content?
Yes, Harvard Education Press is proud to publish the Harvard Education Letter Impact Series, a line of books inspired by HEL content. Recent titles include:

Teachers Talking Tech: Creating Exceptional Classrooms with Technology, and 
Hire Better Teachers Now: Using the Science of Selection to Find the Best Teachers for Your School 

How can I receive news and updates?
If you haven’t already, please sign up on for a free subscription to our bi-monthly e-news, which features new book releases from Harvard Education Press and related resources.