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School Climate

A Cord of Three Strands

A New Approach to Parent Engagement in Schools
Soo Hong, foreword by Jean Anyon

How can low-income, non-English-speaking parents become advocates, leaders, and role models in their children’s schools? A Cord of Three Strands offers a close study of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, a grassroots organization on the northwest side of Chicago, whose work on parent engagement has drawn national attention.


Character Compass

How Powerful School Culture Can Point Students Toward Success
Scott Seider, foreword by Howard Gardner

In Character Compass, Scott Seider offers portraits of three high-performing urban schools in Boston, Massachusetts that have made character development central to their mission of supporting student success, yet define character in three very different ways.


Making Civics Count

Citizenship Education for a New Generation
Edited by David E. Campbell, Meira Levinson, and Frederick M. Hess

“By nearly every measure, Americans are less engaged in their communities and political activity than generations past.” So write the editors of this volume, who survey the current practices and history of citizenship education in the United States.