Harvard Educational Review
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    Winter 2017

    “What Meaning-Making Means Among Us: The Intercomprehending of Emergent Bilinguals in Small-Group Text Discussions” by Maren Aukerman, Lorien Chambers Schuldt, Liam Aiello, Paolo C. Martin

    “Symbols in the Strangefruit Seeds: What ‘The Talk’ Black Parents Have with their Sons Tells Us about Racism” by Raygine DiAquoi

    “The Self in Social Justice: A Developmental Lens on Race, Identity, and Transformation” by Eleanor Drago-Severson, Jessica Blum-DeStefano

    “Unscripted Curriculum: Developing a Critical Trans Pedagogy” by Harper Benjamin Keenan

    “’We are all for a diverse faculty, but…’: How Academic Hiring Committees Continue to Reproduce Whiteness and How They Can Change” by Özlem Sensoy, Robin DiAngelo

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