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    Spring 2019

    “Normalizing Black Girls' Humanity in Mathematics Classrooms” by Nicole M. Joseph, Meseret Hailu, Jamaal S. Matthews

    “Reconsidering Organizational Habitus in Schools: One Neighborhood, Two Distinct Approaches to Advanced Placement” by Suneal Kolluri

    “Students as Economic Actors, Past and Present” by Jennifer S. Light

    “In-State Resident Tuition Policies and the Self-Rated Health of High School and College Aged Mexican Non-Citizen Immigrants, their Families, and the Latina/o Community” by Stephanie Potochnick, Sarah F. May, Lisa Y. Flores

    “Navigating Campus Controversies: Seeking Truth, Respecting Speech, and Cultivating Intellectual Fairness in Higher Education” by Rebecca M. Taylor, Ashley Floyd Kuntz

    “The Practice of Listening to Children: The Challenges of Hearing Children Out in an Adult-Regulated World” by Haeny S. Yoon, Tran Nguyen Templeton
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