Harvard Educational Review
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    Winter 2018

    “Racial (Mis)Match in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms: Relational Interactions as a Racialized Mechanism" by Dan Battey,  Luis A. Leyva, Immanuel Williams, Victoria Belizario, Rachel Greco, Roshni Shah

    “Reconsidering College Student Employability: A Cultural Analysis of Educator and Employer Conceptions of Workplace Skills” by Ross J. Benbow, Matthew T. Hora

    “The Quandary of Youth Participatory Action Research in School Settings: A Framework for Reflecting on the Factors that Influence Purpose and Pedagogy” by Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Zanny Alter

    “Beyond "Magic Carrots'': Pedagogies of the Garden and the Rhetoric of Effects” by Kate Cairns

    “Critical Canon Pedagogy: Applying Disciplinary Inquiry to Cultivate Canonical Critical Consciousness” by Jeanne Dyches

    “Between the Global and the Local: Human Rights Discourse and Engagement in Two New York City High Schools” by S. Garnett Russell

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