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    Spring 2017

    Symposium on Incarceration and Education

    Foreword, by Lynette Tannis

    “Critiquing critical pedagogies inside the prison classroom: A dialogue between student and teacher: by Erin L. Castro, Michael Brawn

    “The Problem Child: Provocations Toward Dismantling the Carceral State” by Erica Meiners

    “Complex Sentences: A Portrait of Men Searching for the Purpose of Education in a Massachusetts State Prison” by Clint Smith


    “Where are All the Black Teachers?: Discrimination in the Teacher Labor Market” by Diana D’Amico, Robert J. Pawlewicz, with Penelope M. Earley and Adam P. McGeehan

    “Putting Race on the Table: How Teachers Make Sense of the Role of Race in their Practice” by Amanda Taylor

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