Harvard Educational Review
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    Fall 2017


    “How the ‘Word Gap’ Argument Negatively Impacts Young Children of Latina/o Immigrants' Conceptualizations of Learning” by Jennifer Keys Adair, Kiyomi Sánchez-Suzuki Colegrove , Molly E. McManus
    “The Politics of Recitation” by David I. Backer
    “In Search of Community: Lessons from Idealized Independence for Adults with Disabilities” by Amy L. Boelé
    “Globalizing Literature Pedagogy: Applying Cosmopolitan Ethical Criticism in Literature Teaching” by Suzanne S. Choo
    “Teaching Minoritized Students: Are Additive Approaches Legitimate?” by Jim Cummins
    “Why Educational Practitioners and Stakeholders Should Care About Person Fit in Educational Assessments” by A. Adrienne Walker
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